Swear To God, I am Not Spoiling Anything

Finally, I got the chance to play The Last Of Us Part II, after escaping from all the spoilers like a fugitive, thanks to all of my friends who had played it and worked hard to keep the story unrevealed for me. I am not going to focus on this particular video game. Although I can mention it as a splendid example of the point I am going to make.

Considering video games as a piece of art has been challenging for me before. I used to play a lot as an only-child adolescent. But after attending university, I didn’t have enough time to play. Also, my Xbox 360 had become an old man in the unstoppable stream of technology. After pursuing art for several years, I returned to video games and found all its elements familiar with the art, elements such as representation, experience, and a plot involved with human emotions and circumstances. After I heard about Indie video games, I enjoyed the whole concept even more.

If we probe new books about narrative structure, we are definitely going to find a chapter about video games. Based on its initial definition, games in general, require interactive participation to proceed. It means there will be no progress unless we enter the story world, and make changes, unlike books or movies. Therefore, While playing a video game, which is involved with narration and character development, we are in the lowest distance with the story. For example, when we want to talk about a movie character, we mention his or her name. In other words, we use the third person form, but while talking about a battle in a video game, due to our unity with the story, we use the first-person form. And that is how we experience the lowest distance with the story just while playing video games. We can almost say that a scary video game is scarier than its movie adaptation.

The Last Of Us Part II is a video game involved with deep and contradictory human emotions. The story ponders over concepts such as survival, hate, wrath, and love. The whole game is triggering the above-mentioned argument and tries to reflect the true power of video games in general. While playing, we almost lost the track of time, and the whole composition takes us to another world. It is easy to hurt your eyes, ears, and shoulders while playing the game. The Last Of Us Part II knows it’s medium and uses the maximum capacity of the area.

As it has always been, art and its forms change through time, and it seems like video games are a kind of art that uses technology and storytelling to create an impressively engaging piece, and attract the attention of modern, bored, and uneasy humans.

A young writer from Iran. (www.danialamari.com)